Exchange Program with Korea

The YNU-Sejong University Exchange Program

YNU International Student Center

This one-year program is conducted under an exchange agreement between Sejong University in Seoul, Korea and Yokohama National University. Each year, around 20 Japanese Language and Literature Major students from Sejong University come to Japan in April and stay until February to experience Japan first-hand. Each student takes many different classes based on his or her Japanese language proficiency. This program aims not only to help them to improve their Japanese language skills, but also to develop promising human resources who have a good understanding of Japan through exchanges with YNU students and volunteers.

The YNU-Sejong University Exchange Program


Overseas Research Studio (University of Seoul)

Prof. Asato Saito and Assoc. Prof. Yamato Tsuji (College of Urban Sciences)

An exchange agreement between Yokohama National University and the University of Seoul was signed in 1998. Since then, exchanges have been taking place for a long time. An agreement for exchange study has also been signed with the university, and students come and go between each other.

Korea Short Visit based at University of Seoul (Sep. 3-11, 2018)

Based at the University of Seoul, we conducted fieldwork on urban social history centered on museums, historical buildings, Christian sacred sites, markets, etc. in Seoul and Andong Cities in September 2018. Three second-year undergraduate students attended this course. (Supervising Staff: Associate Prof. Yamato Tsuji)

In Andong City, students explored preservation of traditional buildings in Hahoe Folk Village, a World Heritage Site, and a Masque, an Intangible Cultural Asset.


Korea Short Visit based at University of Seoul (Sep. 20-28, 2019)

A total of 5 students participated, 1 from the Department of Urban and Social Collaboration, 1 from the Department of Architecture and Building Science, 3 from the Department of Risk Management and Environmental Science, and 1 from the Graduate School of Urban Innovation, College of Urban Sciences. (Supervising Staff: Prof. Asato Saito)

Participants attended lectures on urban development and the Commons movement in Seoul (University of Seoul, etc.), and did fieldworks on urban regeneration in Seoul, traditional houses, preservation and utilization of hanok (traditional Korean house), and on foreign workers in new cities on the outskirts of Seoul.