Global studies program to Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia

Prof. Yoko Fujikake(Institute of Urban Innovation, Dean of Urban Sciences)

Survey of Santo Domingo Village in Paraguay in September 2013 when participating students realized the need to build a local elementary school

Every year since 2013, as part of the YNU Global Studies minor program, we have been practicing international cooperation in Paraguay and other South American countries, conducting research and education exchanges with academic exchange partner universities, and interacting with Japanese immigrants.

Travel to Paraguay in 2015

Total 37 days from October 20th to November 25th in 2015, of which 33 days were in Paraguay. 10 undergraduate students and a graduate student participated.

Participating students took over the activities that were carried out in Paraguay in 2013 and 2014 with the goal of “building a school”, and made preparations of visit with the following three activities in mind: (1) Road making in rural areas, (2) Survey of people living in the Cateura area (a garbage landfill area), and (3) Folk craft survey for fair trade. In preparations of visit, they learned about the history of international cooperation and survey methods for target countries in a classroom lecture, listened to the lectures by practitioners of international cooperation such as a former Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, and increased their knowledge. They also opened stores at events and did fund-raising for school construction. They visited several schools, including the Chacarita School, conducted an interview survey at the Ministry of Women, participated in a joint academic symposium with Colmena NIHON GAKKO and the school’s opening ceremony, and contributed to the construction of Mercedes school and class assistance.

Travel to Paraguay and Brazil in 2016

Total 35 days from August 25th to September 28th, 2016, of which 35 days were in Paraguay and 4 days in Brazil. 13 undergraduate students participated.

YNU students participated in the academic symposium with National University of Asuncion, conducted a market research on the Paraguayan folk craft Nyanduti, a survey of living conditions in the Cateura area (also made a guest appearance on radio), visited an elementary school in Santo Domingo village, lectured a nutrition clase there, visited and supported the school construction in Mercedes area and the JICA Partnership Program in the La Colmena area, and learned about Japanese immigrants in Paraguay and Brazil and interacted with Nikkei.

Visit to Paraguay and Brazil in 2017

Total 36 days from September 5th to October 10th, 2017, of which 27 days were in Paraguay and 9 days in Brazil. 12 undergraduate students and 2 graduate students participated.

Students held an international symposium with the academic exchange partner universities, conducted an interview survey and international cooperation in Cateura area and other poor areas, ongoing interviews with producers of traditional crafts Nyanduti and Aopoi, and educational support activities in rural areas, and had an exchange at a Japanese immigrant.

Travel to Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia in 2018

Total 36 days from September 5th to October 11th, 2018, of which 24 days were in Paraguay, 8 days in Bolivia and 2 days in Brazil. 8 undergraduate students and 1 graduate student participated.

Students held international symposiums with academic exchange partner universities in Paraguay and Bolivia, practiced international cooperation in poor areas of Paraguay and Bolivia, practically studied fair trade of a traditional craft Nyanduti, practiced and evaluated music education and drug prevention activities in slums and others, and had exchanges at Japanese immigrants in Paraguay and Bolivia.

Activity Reports in 2013-2019: