Student Exchange Program with Prince of Songkla University on the Global Ecosystem Management

Prof. Fumito Koike (Faculty of Environmental and information Sciences)

Invitation of short-stay students by JST Sakura Science Program

We accepted short-term international students; 5 graduate students from Prince of Songkla University in Thailand (one is a foreign student from Bhutan) from September 24th to Octorber 2nd, 2019. After arriving at Haneda, they stayed at a hotel in Yokohama and headed for Hakkoda Mountain the next morning. It was the time when the autumn leaves began in the Hakkoda Mountain region. On the first day at Hakkoda Mountain, they took a lecture in the morning. They individually took photos in the botanical garden and made their own botanical picture book with the PowerPoint using their personal computer in the afternoon. The next day, they recorded the surrounding flora while climbing Mt. Hakkoda. The students came from Thailand were the first alpine and amazed at the dramatic change from forest to alpine. The student came from Bhutan was impressed by the vegetation, which is different from his home country but has a common view. The day after the mountain climbing, they performed a multivariate analysis of flora data, and were surprised again that the alpine zone is a biological community isolated from the forest below the alpine. The next day, they moved to Yokohama and observed the relationship between the history of green spaces and flora in Tokyo together with the Japanese students who participated in the practical training of the Faculty of Urban Sciences of YNU. They moved to Arisugawanomiya Memorial Park, Odaiba Kaihin Park, and Marunouchi-Otemachi area to observe the modern greening situation in the office district and the nature around the Imperial Palace. They observed the restoration of sandy beach vegetation in Odaiba and the copy planting of thickets in Otemachi. The next day, to observe foreign mammals, they walked with Japanese students of YNU from Anjinzuka Station on the Keikyu Line on the Miura Peninsula to Taura Station on the JR Line via Tsukayama Park and Jyusan (13) Pass, and on the way back to Yokohama, visited shrines and temples in Kamakura. At the Jyusan (13) pass, they also observed the fences around the cultivated land to deal with the re-wild boars. On the final day, they returned from Haneda Airport after seeing the scenery of Yokohama from the Bay Bridge on the Gulf High Way.

JASSO agreement dispatch from YNU to PSU

In March 2019 and February 2020, 11 undergraduate students in YNU attended the Field Trip in Thailand organized by Prince of Songkla University. These agreement dispatch programs were supported by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). In the first dispatch in 2019, on the 5th March, students visited the Sa Nang Manora Forest Park and observed Mangrove. On the 6th, they visited Ton Phrai waterfall and observed heath forests. On the 7th, they visited forest of coast and observed evergreen trees of Casuarina and Melaleuca. On the 8th, the last day, they visited a temple and peat swamp forest.

In the second dispatch in 2020, students visited some forests of coastal vegetation marked in the following map in Thailand from February 23rd to 27th. They visited Elephant Hospital and Botanical Garden on the first day, Nypa Farm on the second day, Hot Spring Vegetation on the third day, National Park along the coast on the fourth day, and Mangrove and Hill on the fifth day.