YNU Short-term language training program in Portland State Univ (PSU)

Prof. Yukiko Tashima (International Strategy Organization, English Education)

Portland, Oregon in the US is internationally famous as a city of sustainability,  and Portland State University(PSU) is located in downtown of the city. Since spring 2015, YNU has been sending undergraduate students to PSU’s International Special Program (ISP) . The main feature of this program is a comprehensive educational program that includes language training at the university, visits to local businesses, participation in local volunteer activities, and short trip to the suburb. In addition, students will learn about racial diversity peculiar to American society, lifestyle oriented in sustainability, and social problems in the community through home-stay experiences. Due to the influence of current COVID-19, students will participate in an online language and culture learning program in March 2021. Our university has high expectation that participation in this program will motivate students to pursue university exchange programs at the next step.

Participation record from 2014 to 2020

each number shows the number of participants

  • 2015 Spring (February-March) —19
    * First trial participation with support of half-participation fees by YNU
  • 2016 Spring (February-March) —16
  • 2016 Summer (August-September)—13
  • 2017 Summer (August-September)—10
  • 2018 Summer  (August-September)—13
  • 2019 Summer (August-September)—14
  • 2020 Spring (February-March)—8